Entrepreneurs are visionaries often juggling many roles and spending countless hours working. Let us be your accounting partner, so you can focus on building your vision.

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Strategic Partner

Whether it's accounting technology needs, business process improvement, or a troubling accounting or tax issue, we can help! At Peakridge, we are experts at problem solving; giving you the freedom to use your time more effectively within your small business.

CFO Services

We delivers wide range of services for mid-size organizations, small businesses and entrepreneurs, including traditional accounting and tax services. But we go further, offering sophisticated CFO services that include budgeting and forecasting, mergers/acquisitions consulting, financial process improvement, report development and more.

Tax Accounting

Get out from under piles of paperwork, clean up your books, and get back to growing your business.

Always know and understand how your business is performing.

Make better decisions by having access to reliable financial information and guidance.

The Process

Introduction Call

This initial consultation is to learn more about your business and your goals to develop a mutual understanding of the factors impacting your business, including time commitments.

Compiling your Info

We will take a deeper dive into your unique circumstances, concerns and goals, and determine what further information we will need to successfully plan.

Creating a Plan

Together, we will review your financial information, confirm our understanding, and consider potential options and recommendations to help you address your needs and goals.

Live With Confidence

Our cloud-based management system allows you to work with us 24/7. Your financial data is always available so you can review, download, and collaborate with us anywhere, anytime, and anyplace with internet connectivity.

Let's get started!

As an entrepreneur, you are the visionary and driver of your business - Let us be your Accounting team. We’ve created a simple process for collaborative accounting using data driven tools to help you create, track, and monitor your small business.
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The Team

Sarah Wallace, DMD

To be a successful investor, you don't need to take excessive risks and be involved in all sorts of financial instruments. You need to understand your risk appetite and understand a few asset classes well. Stay within your boundaries, and your wealth will grow at a decent pace.

Harrison Wallace

We live in an age where balancing uncertainty in several different areas is changing; from careers, real estate, healthcare costs, to rising education costs, aging parents, and longer life expectancy. With a flood of information, being able to make the right decision individually requires planning and thought.

Debra Karen, EA

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